Monday, 14 July 2014

Homework and Announcements 14 July 2014

Deadline - 15 July 2014
-Physics Worksheet (give out today)

Deadline - 16 July 2014
- Workbook Page 1-9

Deadline - 18 July 2014
- Email

Deadline - 16 July 2014
- Homework 21

Deadline - 15 July 2014
- Performance Task
- Blendspace thingy

Deadline - ?
- Prepare Chemistry file

Deadline - 15 July 2014
- Gas and Anion Tests Practical Worksheets

Practical Worksheets

Read Oral Exam Passage, Record Best Reading and Upload to shared folder in Google Drive.
RHD Oral Podcast by (Wednesday 9 July 2014?), more info on EL blog

Regarding Physics Practical
There will be a S3 SPA briefing conducted by Mrs Lim Woon Foong during the morning assembly on 15 July (Tuesday) in the Auditorium. You are to report directly to the Auditorium for the morning assembly on 15 July. Please refer to the seating arrangement attached. To facilitate the attendance taking by your Form Teacher, please sit according to your index number.
[REMINDER: National Anthem will start at 0740 sharp and you are to continue with your silent reading in the Auditorium before the National Anthem. So do remember to bring your book to read]
CE & Other Admin Matters:
Rectify all attire errors 
Class Photos Ordering (By 25 July)

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