Monday, 13 January 2014

Homework and Announcements (13/1/14)

Alright guys, here's the homework. There's a lot of reminders as well 

1. Maths Chapter 2, do assignment 1 (page 40) Questions 1-5. Deadline: Next Tuesday.

2. Those who have not commented on the SS video about critical thinking, please do so.

3. For those who have not contributed $3-$5 for class fund (Including Myself), please bring tomorrow.

4. Please bring $14.60 for the English O-Level Comprehension Practice Book Tomorrow.

5. Please bring $160 for your Graphical Calculator on 16 or 17 Jan.

6. For chinese, finish 课文放大镜 on page 5.

7. If there's any emergency or anything, here are Ms Yap's numbers.
Malaysia Number (After Office Hours): +6016 717 2080
Singapore Number (During Office Hours): 8138 2260

8. Environmental Reps, you might want to start working on the duty roster.

9. Can someone please create the Google Hangout for discussions on the classroom decor?

Alright, that's all. See you tomorrow!

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