Monday, 6 January 2014

Homework And Announcements (Monday, 6 January 2014)


Chinese: Finish Funpacks before Friday 10 Jan 2014 and Google Form Sent to Your SST Email.

CE: Finish Target Setting via Spreadsheet sent to your SST Email.

Finish Up the homework of your Respective Applied Subjects.

And Remember to sign the AUP Form


  • Class Goals
  1. 100% Pass Rate For Overall
  2. Always Give Of Your Best In Everything
  3. Be Honest

  • Class Rules
  1. Respect One Another
  2. Be Punctual in Handing In Homework
  3. One Conversation at a Time

  • Motto
  • 1. Be the Best No one Ever Was

I guess that's all. See you tomorrow!

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