Thursday, 6 February 2014

Homework and Announcements 6 Feb 2014

As of now, the only homework is:

Deadline: Friday 7 Feb 2014
SS: Comment on any presentation about which contribution of Doge Pietro II Or Doge Enrico Dandolo and what impact did he make on the Rise of Venice.
Chinese: Chapter 2 习字 & 剪报
Chemistry: Finish Worksheet 1 (Experimental Techniques) of the Chemistry workbook.
Physics: Bring Mathematical Set
Maths: Finish Performance Task and Submit tomorrow.

Deadline: Sunday 9 Feb 2014English: All Group Leaders are to submit the script for the English Performance Task to Miss Esha by Email.

Deadline: Monday: 10 Feb 2014Chinese: Composition and 详写&略写 worksheet.

Deadline: Tuesday 18 Feb 2014Maths: HW6 (Page 15) Do on foolscap questions 1-12
1. For working, use pen.
2. Sketch of curve is to cover at least 5 lines of foolscap.

Do HW 5 Questions 10-15 and Check Solutions.

Deadline: Wednesday 19 Feb 2014
History: Finish Document on the Treaty of Versailles

Deadline: Unknown
Chinese: Bring $10 for Practice Books <extended>

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